Sunday, July 10, 2016

"We've Spent 56 Years Trying To Get Rid of Those 'Little Things'"

Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids
It seems as if Slylock is less concerned about the Mystery of the Missing Vanity and more interested in the Mystery of Is Harry Ape's Mom Also an Ape? Why is Foo Foo Cat just now reporting her vanity stolen? Honestly Harry may have gotten away with this caper if he just threw the newspapers away. Also...Hey, is that a dragon wearing a top hat in the Your Drawing panel?

Family Circus
I love that both Thel and Bil are looking at Gran'ma like "What the hell is she talking about? Big things? What? Just put the damn plates on the table."

Mary Worth
"Here's your vicodin. The doctor said it should help relieve the pain."

"I know what vicodin does, Mom. I was a freaking drug addict."

Dennis the Menace
Wait. They teach about Snow White in Sunday School? I've got that thing all wrong then.

Heathcliff and Garfield
It's finally happened. Heathcliff and Garfield have finally become basically the same comic strip.