Saturday, July 16, 2016

PJ Is Really Letting Himself Go

Beetle Bailey
Since 1950 or so, Camp Swampy and the soldiers that call it home have been able to avoid between 5-8 wars (depending on how you classify a war). It's always been kind of odd that even if we don't see these characters deploy, we don't even see them talk about what their military is doing. I think we finally have an answer why.

Camp Swampy has been forgotten. Somehow, Camp Swampy has been removed from the rolls of the Department of Defense either because of an accident or on purpose. An accident means that during some sort of self audit, Camp Swampy was deleted from the list of active bases. On purpose means that it was shut down for whatever reason. So why is it still open? While Camp Swampy no longer exists, it was never removed from the budget thus still receives its allotted money from the budget. The fact that our military is so bloated and overfunded and that no one really knows what is going on inside it means that Camp Swampy has been able to remain actively inactive for the better part of 66 years.

The reason the men still train and do the military stuff they are required to do is that if they are ever found out, they don't want the taxpayers thinking they were wasting their money. The training isn't enough to stop ISIS but might be enough to keep from having to appear in a military tribunal.

Family Circus
Summer camp. Preemptive gay conversion therapy camp.

Tomato. Tomahto.