Thursday, July 07, 2016

Crankshaft's Adventures At the Bank

I know I was initially excited about this penny sock storyline but we are veering into the realm of unbelievability now. First, Crankshaft gets to the bank to find it closed but with a security guard standing in front of the door. Where does that happen where a bank has a guard posted outside the bank when it is closed? Second, but apparently the bank isn't closed. The drive-thru is still open so Crankshaft starts filling the plastic tube with his pennies. Third, the teller (and now his supervisor) don't know what a penny is. I know that it seems like we don't use cash money anymore but millions upon millions of dollars are transported behind the scenes. We may pay with a card but businesses and banks still get cash money.

Who at the bank upset Tom Batiuk last month? Does he honestly think this is how banks work today? Banks are more important than ever to keep our lives going. Are they perfect? Of course not but I'm pretty sure that if I went to a bank and asked them to identify the five pieces of coins currently in circulation, they could do it. Most could probably even identify rarer coins such as the fifty cent piece, Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and that Sacagawea thing. Another thing is that pennies are still used. They are the most used coin of any in circulation and despite a growing number of people wanting the government to quit producing them, more and more pennies are made every year.

Frankly, this is a lot of trouble for Crankshaft to get what will probably just end up being five bucks, if that. I wish the person in the car waiting in line would just run him over. No one would care. He'd probably even get his own parade. At the very least, he'd be on the first float in the town's next parade.