Friday, July 15, 2016

Tauy Creek Digest #11: The Composer

Her fingers dancing fast and loosely along the keys, hitting every one, hitting every note, perfectly. I had never heard anything so amazing. So beautiful. Her music touched every aspect of my body. After the concert, I went backstage to introduce myself to the genius.

"Bravo, bravo," I exclaimed, walking up to her. "My ears have never heard anything like that before. I must say, dear girl, that they wept."

"Thank you," she smiled and shook my hand.

"Lyle Von Richter," I introduced. "I daresay that you are the greatest pianist that I have ever heard and I have heard many, many pianists."

"Sounds like you have a new fan, Ami," an older woman came up to Amelia and me. "Portia Davalos, Amelia's mother," she extended her hand to me.

"Lyle Von Richter. Your mother travels with you?" I asked, hesitantly.

"She kind of has to. I'm only sixteen, after all."

My heart sank. I finally discover someone who can touch my heart with their music and they are out-of-reach. I quickly scrambled to regain my composure. Perhaps not all was lost. "Such amazing talent for a young child. But I guess that you are not much of a child. Please, what are you doing this evening? Let me take you out to dinner or something."

"We shouldn't," Portia said, and hugged Amelia. "Amelia has school and practice tomorrow and..."

"Please. It was be an honor to treat two lovely ladies during this beautiful night after a performance like what I saw tonight."

Portia and Amelia looked at each other. "Okay," Portia shrugged. "We'll take you up on your offer."

"Excellent," I was ecstatic. "Does Amelia write any music?"


"I have a proposition for her then on being able to perform her own original music," I began explaining as we walked, together, out of the concert hall.

Within two months, Amelia was playing music that I had written on the stage while I had entered a, sort of, relationship with her mother, Portia. She was enamored with me while I tolerated her and did what I had to in order to continue being around Amelia. Amelia and I began a professional relationship which I valued more than the one I had with her mother. Spending time alone with Amelia was time I looked forward to every night as we would go over music and talk about what the next composition would be about.

Alone, in a room off of the basement, we would sit and go over what I had written. She would always be dressed casually--shorts and thong shoes, a tank top with a brightly colored bra underneath, her hair always in a ponytail. Her hair was always up when she wasn't performing and I didn't know which way I liked more.

"Here," I handed Amelia some music. "I've been working on this special for you."

She took it and looked it over. I had been teaching her to better read music so that, in time, she could write her own stuff. She placed it on the piano, sat down, and began to play. After a few seconds of playing, I got up and sat down next to Amelia who moved over to accomodate me on the bench.

"I wrote this about you," I said.

"Me? Really?" Amelia blushed. "What is it saying?"

"It's how I feel when I see you and hear you play," I began rubbing her back, using my thumb to actually touch her bare skin near her arm. "It represents everything that I have held in since first seeing you."

She continued playing and seemed to be ignoring what I was saying but she was clearly enjoying playing my love song to her. "This is beautiful," she said softly.

"Thank you. I wanted it to be you in music form," I said and moved my hand down to the elastic of her shorts.

She bolted away from me and stared at my hand. "What are you doing?"

"I...was going to hug you. You were playing this so remarkably," I stammered and lied.

"I think we're done for tonight," Amelia said and began heading out of the room. I quickly grabbed her by the arm and held my hand against the door. "Ow, you're hurting me."

"I'm sorry but I'm going to honest with you, Amelia. I love you and I've wanted you ever since I saw you that fateful night. Together, we could be an amazing team," I held her tighter and stepped closer to her, moving my eyes back and forth from her eyes, which were in an angry panic, and her breasts, which were heaving quickly as she breathed in alarm. "I would treat you like a goddess."

"God, no," she attempted to pull away but I increased my grip.

"Then you leave me no choice," I said and pulled her toward me in an effort to knock her to the ground. Instead, she kicked my knee, causing me to let go of her, and pushed me away. I stumbled toward the piano and fell hard onto the floor and smashing my head on the bench.

Amelia stared in shock at my unmoving body with tears in her eyes. "Mom!" she then gathered up the strength to scream and ran out of the room, screaming for Portia.