Thursday, July 21, 2016

Holy Crappy and Boring Storyline, Batman

Hi and Lois
I don't know if this is a throwback to 1950s modesty or what but I see girls as young as Dot and younger in two piece swimsuits. Well, I don't necessarily see them, but I notice. Well, I don't notice, I just...Let's move onto The Born Loser!!

The Born Loser
Best case scenario, someone spends the time digging you out of the ground so you won't spread. Worst case scenario, you're just run over with a lawn mower.

Funky Winkerbean
The storyline currently going on in Funky Winkerbean is that some sad sack needs a specific pen in order to do his art. I get it, I use a specific pen as well, but he was unable to find one that he could buy immediately except from a site in China. He ordered those pens and it turns out that they are trapped on a boat in the harbor due to a dock worker's strike. So now this sad sack and some other dumb mope are attempting to storm the ship in order to get his pens. And I don't even know if writing and explaining all of this is worth it just to show the first panel of today's strip.