Sunday, July 03, 2016

Getaway Car. I Thought It Was a Stolen Car

Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids
No one I know, including me, knows what their license plate number is. Maybe some have memorized it, sure. I memorized a couple because they were fairly easy but do you honestly think that someone who has stolen a car would memorize a license plate. Even if he did, why would they go out if the car's on fire? It's not their car, who cares? My argument still stands. What criminal would memorize their license plate?

Hi and Lois
How long have those fireworks been there? You're not supposed to shoot off old fireworks. Not that it stops people from doing it. Just thought I would point it out. Now douse those things in water and get in the car, Hi.

And now, to end on something funny.

Sally Forth