Saturday, July 23, 2016

He Murdered Someone for Those

Hagar the Horrible
I love the look of panic on Lucky Eddie in the second panel. "Oh, no! She doesn't like earrings!! If I lose her then how will I be able to fulfill my fetish of the top half of a woman and the bottom half of a fish?"

I'm going to be honest. Zombies are the stupidest movie monsters. Nothing about them makes sense and I find it hard to believe that something that shambles around could be perceived as a threat. As for what is the superior era of movie. That's all opinion. My school of thought is that the classic horror movies had to do more with less. They were able to accomplish a lot of things with limited technology and, in a lot of cases, limited money. Modern horror movies rely on 'jump-out-your-seat' moments and use technology to impress the audience and, to me, that causes the writing to suffer. Bottom line, in my opinion, classic movies are better but there are a lot of modern movies that are really well done.