Monday, July 04, 2016

Thirsty Has the Best Words

Hi and Lois
Thirsty doesn't strike me as a political person. Clearly he has latched on to what Trump is saying because it's simple, easy-to-blurt-out phrases. Also, Thirsty would never vote for a woman. He lives with a woman and he's not a fan. Why would he want one with power over the military?

Mary Worth
I can't wait to find out Tommy's deal. Does he have violent anger issues and tosses his mom around the room when mad? Was he an up-and-coming whatever until an injury ruined him and got him addicted to painkillers? Was he in a prison gang as indicated by his tattoo? Or is he just a young man who files frivolous lawsuits against random people? "I never would've hurt my back if Mr. Allora had just come when asked. Ms. Worth should have tried to bring him here faster. Money, please."

Good news, everyone. In celebration of the United States' 240th birthday, we're getting a special storyline where Crankshaft goes to the bank to get his pennies cashed in. I'm sure we're in for a wild ride of the teller not wanting to touch the sock, days of counting the pennies, and Ed being upset when he doesn't have as many pennies as he thought.