Sunday, July 31, 2016

Don't Know Much About: Orphans

You would think people would assume Curtis and Barry aren't orphans because of their decent-looking clothes. Also, wouldn't people in the neighborhood recognize them?

Crankshaft only wanted his number retired so that he can commit social security fraud.

panel from Judge Parker
"You know, counselor..."

"And you're very beautiful tonight!"

"You look very handsome sitting over there!"

"Ill-placed word balloons today."

"Maybe if we were more centrally placed in the panel. Take a couple steps backwards."

Hi & Lois
"These games are harder than they look, Dot. Some of them are even rigged. And did you see the woman at the rubber duck race booth? The wart on her hand was the size of a half dollar and was an unnatural shade of yellow. I bet all those rubber ducks are diseased or something."