Friday, September 30, 2016

They Are Literally Shaking In Fear

Dennis the Menace
You're being paid in education. You're being paid in ways to become a productive human being. Now, you are old enough to know 2+2 and 2+3 so get those numbers down.

The news isn't scarier, there is just more time to fill and for some reason, no one cares about all the good and decent things that happen in the world. While watching news segments about playful kittens, adorable children, and people turning 105 are fun for a minute, we all want to know who's been shot today. We just don't want to admit that about ourselves.

Hi and Lois
I just want pants that don't feel tight around my ankles or make it seem like my testicles are going to pop when I sit down.

Mary Worth
I saw a movie that started out this way. Finally, we can ditch the boring storyline of drug addiction and move on to the wild world of incest.