Tuesday, September 13, 2016

'Should Have' Not 'Should Of'

Funky Winkerbean
"Wow! You are obsessive with a capital O."

"Wow! You really put the 'obsess' in 'obsessive.'"

"Wow! Is 'obsessive' your middle name?"

"Wow! If only you were this obsessive about things that matter."

Four possible changes to the last panel, all of them better than what is used. It's not that hard, Batiuk!!

The Amazing Spider-Man
One thing that has been bothering me about Spider-Man over the last couple of days is 1)I thought it was daytime. I've never seen any indication that it's night so Jameson being asleep seems odd. 2)Jameson's asleep? He just lost his beloved newspaper. JJJ strikes me as a man who will stay up and ponder about what he can do. Make phone calls, threaten and yell. You know, what J. Jonah Jameson usually does. 3)Why can't they just use the door? 4)I know Ant-Man is neither dead nor injured but I can hope.

"...And the mess his Pappy left him, and the mess his Pappy left him, and the mess..."