Saturday, September 10, 2016

Terrible Character Saturday

The Amazing Spider-Man
"I've always thought it was because--"

"You're a lame superhero named after a bug that no one likes whose powers seem to randomly fluctuate at the most inopportune times?"

Yeah, and it's the kid's fault. Not like Ed has to check each seat before leaving his bus at the garage everyday or anything. He wouldn't even be on your bus right now if you had done your job.

Mother Goose and Grimm
Let's see...what should I comment about on this strip? The obsurdity of wanting to put the feathers back on the bird or the cartoonish racism?

So Frazz is just helping the kids with their childish pranks now? That's something a 30-year-old adult should be doing.

Curtis is 11-years-old so he's in middle school--a 6th grader. I hang around a lot of teachers and most of them, especially in middle school, do not give out homework anymore. They give assignments and give students plenty of time to do it in class. If the students end up with homework, it's typically because the student didn't use their time wisely and didn't get their work done.