Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Late-Night Comics

I most cases, I consider Curtis to be an insolent brat but Barry is clearly overreacting to this joke.

Beetle Bailey
It has been shown time and time again that Miss Buxley is dating Beetle and that they are in a seemingly committed relationship. It's a shame that 1)Killer has such a low opinion of Beetle that he thinks Miss Buxley will just go out with him. 2)He thinks Miss Buxley is the kind of girl who would cheat on a boyfriend. 3)He thinks Miss Buxley will just go out/sleep with whoever waggles his cap ends at her.

Hi and Lois
I'm gonna be honest, I absolutely hate when Trixie talks about Sunbeam.

Quick vote: Are the images of Ditto and Hi in the second panel just smaller versions of the ones in the first panel?

Hagar the Horrible
And he's very proud of it.