Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Quickies

Peanuts 6/16/1952
Sweetmeats are a confectionary candy usually of dried fruits or nuts that have been coated with a sugary syrup. Even in 1952, when this comic first appeared, the term was antiquated as its previous usage peaked in the 1920s after a steady drop-off from its high in the 1840s.

I know that this doctor is a pediatrician but why is he wearing the bunny ears. You know you don't have to wear them at every appointment, right? Or at all.

The Born Loser
Oh, good, more potatoes, gravy, and green beans for me, then.

Although those green beans do look a bit waxy...

This joke barely works in color, I can't imagine how confused readers of actually black-and-white strips in the newspapers are going to be.