Sunday, January 01, 2017

Name-Dropping New Year's

Hey! Welcome to 2017. I'm not going to use the new year to announce any big changes or anything mainly because I didn't think of any. Everything should remain the same as it has over the last year. Two new Story Series will be debuting next month and several titles got new header dress (see above) but nothing new or major to announce. I still have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you should check out. Hopefully I will use Facebook more but who knows, I barely use my personal Facebook. I also still have a Patreon which I have been having trouble coming up with stuff for. That may be a goal this year. I hope you enjoy what's coming this year, please check out the store, click on some advertisements, and tell your friends about this website.

One of the things that Bill Rechin and Don Wilder thought was missing from the comics and made a resolution to add more of in 2017 was death.

Hi and Lois
I don't remember any of these happening. Did Brian and Greg Walker just make up a year in review because, let's face it, nothing ever changes in Hi and Lois.

Mallard Fillmore
Suck a bag of dicks, Bruce Tinsley. Suck a bag of dicks.