Wednesday, January 18, 2017

9 Years?!?

I never take the audio tour when I'm at a museum. If I wanted to know pointless details and what I should be seeing and feeling about a particular piece, I would just ask someone, but if I went to a museum and they handled their tour as condescending and moronically as this museum is, I'd complain, demand my money back, and tell everyone who follows me on social media how terrible the museum was. Just because some museum in Ohio refuses to put up your work, Batiuk, doesn't mean you can be a jerk.

I can't believe we have three more days of this crap.

Hagar the Horrible
The goblet of beer either needs to be drawn bigger or the no symbol needs to be smaller.

The Born Loser
Did you know that today is the ninth anniversary of this website? I've been doing whatever it is I do here since 2008?

And of course Veeblefester has part-time workers. They aren't on the payroll because "unpaid interns" sounds much better when you are ordering someone to do something.