Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Would the Museum Lie?

Family Circus
Jeffy should know better than to, under any and all circumstances, interrupt the monthly meeting of the Lavender Blouse Club.

Tina's Groove
Why did Tina just leave her journal wherever? I guess that's why she put a curse on it that melts anybody who reads her words. Wish I would've known about that curse when I wrote my science fiction sex story back when I was 16. Or that story of me professing my love for this girl that I wrote at school at 14.

This isn't true, kids. DO NOT use it in your school papers. This information is wrong.

I wonder a lot about paradoxes like this. There is so many variations that could happen had a person not been born or lived a relatively short life. The problem that we start to get into, especially with people like Martin Luther King, who we learned, after he was killed, that he was a flawed man, just like everybody else. Had he survived into old age, we may have ended up seeing a "sometimes you die a hero, sometimes you live long enough to become a villain" scenario. Same with Lincoln. Same with Kennedy. Same with anyone who was inspiring and died before their time.

However, I am a firm believer that your flaws shouldn't necessarily take away from the good that you do. It's when your flaws outnumber that good is when we start having problems. One or two flaws can usually be overlooked but when your entire life is built on your flaws, you don't deserve an honor bestowed upon you. Dr. Martin Luther King was an inspirational man and he fought and died for what was right. He inspired a generation and continues to inspire generations who want to guarantee everyone's freedoms and inalienable rights for generations to come.

The Born Loser
A 50-year-old man playing "Star Wars" with a 9-year-old girl is kind of creepy if he's playing Han or Jabba. I don't know what "Slave Leia"'s purpose was but I'm pretty sure it's something sexual. Being Luke is less creepy but...still...