Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Quickies

We have a new president for the first time in eight years. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing because I would like to see more than just one one-term president in my lifetime. I am not a President Trump supporter and I have promised to give him and his administration the same respect that Republicans gave Obama and his administration. That's not to say that I hope Trump fails as a president. A bad president hurts the entire country but from what I've seen from him for basically my entire life hasn't been good and I have little reason to believe that Mr. Trump will change now that he is president. He has said he will be a president for all Americans. He has also called people who have spoke out against him and his policies losers, crooked, and liars. That doesn't bode well for a president who says that he will unite us.

Nothing President Trump campaigned on is stuff I want to see happen but that happens with every president. We're not going to like every single thing they propose or sign into law. What we can do is stand with them and make sure they are accountable. They all need to be held accountable. Just like Republicans were there to call Obama out on flawed policy, we'll be there to call Trump out on not only every flawed policy but every lie, every insult, every attack, every tweet. Welcome to work, President Trump. I hope you know how.

"Oh, no, it's the Hitler Youth."

Mark Trail
I feel like this is the best example of life these days.

"Wow. Everyone loves this shiny new thing I made."

*posts shiny new thing on Internet*

"Well, that was a terrible mistake..."