Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unappreciated Thursday

Funky Winkerbean
"Fantastic! I'm in! I'm all for being reminded about how my wife died of cancer and left a gaping black hole in my heart and life. Great idea!!"

Rex Morgan, M.D.
"What? No. I am a fantastically acclaimed doctor. June just misses working because she doesn't like being a mom. To Sarah anyway."

Beetle Bailey
Before school started, our district got rid of daily planners but my school wanted to keep something that the kids could keep track of their assignments on and have hall passes on them. We decided to make our own. That meant that before school started, the paras, which includes me, had to three-hole punch them and bind them. The planners were just paper so they were easily ripped apart. We binded roughly 600 planners--probably more--and the kids just destroy them so I know exactly how Beetle feels.