Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why Does the Napping Mouse Look Nothing Like Max?

I find it hard to believe that Ed Crankshaft knows what a Vespa is but aside from that, I get the feeling that Tom Batiuk was in the same situation maybe last year and instead of paying attention to beautiful songs and angelic singing, he spent the entire concert thinking of bad puns for his comic strip(s).

The Amazing Spider-Man
I'm glad that Ronan finally put Spider-Man out of his misery. It's been a long time coming. I'm shocked it didn't happen sooner.

Beetle Bailey
What is Mort Walker's fascination with sunbeams? I swear, it's a sickness, I tells you. A sickness.

Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids
The one case Slylock gives Max is one that Max could never solve. "You'll never make the big leagues," Slylock gloats, trying not the laugh. "Don't worry, you'll make it someday. One morning I woke up, had this Sherlock Holmes hat and masterful detection skills. I don't even know how it happened."