Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Is...Is Lois Dusting the Feather Duster?

Hi and Lois
Hi had seen the signs and knew this was coming. It started with just little things--reorganizing shelves, straightening the fringe on the rug. But soon it escalated. No matter how much she cleaned she couldn't get rid of all the dirt. Now, as he watched his children "dance the dust" off of them he knew that it was time to take Lois to that hospital Thirsty showed him the other day.

Dennis the Menace
I'm a pizza snob. I refuse to eat pizza if it has onions or green peppers on it. I want my pizza to have meat and black olives and mushrooms on it. When I was kid, my family would get one pepperoni and a supreme that had onions and peppers on it. I choked down the supreme because there was never enough pepperoni and I wanted a pizza with a lot of stuff on it. Once I became an adult, I refused to eat your garbage pizza. "Why aren't you eating any pizza?" "Because it's been ruined by onions and peppers." "Just pick them off." "Just order a pizza without any trash on it."

Why does the one pizza Alice bought for the kids have anchovies on it? Does she not know her son--or any child, let's be honest--at all?

Beetle Bailey
So Zero just hammered all the nails that Sarge gave him into the wall?

At least he hung the picture straight.