Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Limp Bizkit Would Also Be Good

Hi and Lois
Time for some commentary on the shrinking state of our comic strips. When you click to zoom in on these strips, they take up almost half the page and every detail is noticeable. The strips on my site and in some newspapers are seen vastly smaller and in the case of newspapers, black and white so you can imagine my surprise when, reading the smaller thumbnail version of today's Hi and Lois on the Comics Kingdom website, I saw what appeared to be a body with no head.

That other garbage man doesn't get clearer the more you stare at him. Can you imagine seeing that ill-defined mess of lines even smaller than this and in black and white?

Funky Winkerbean
"We are 99% sure that this videotape contains the exact moment Bull got his CTE. Let's giver her a watch."

I'd have the same look on my face too. "How do you propose we watch that? I haven't owned a VCR since 2007."

Mary Worth
Please be the Jerky Boys...

Please be the Jerky Boys...

Please be the Jerky Boys...

Sally Forth
From what I can tell, no one is wearing red party cups but instead white party cups with little blue and red stripes on them. I guess the daily colorist was afraid of the wrath King Features might have ensued from the owner of the Solo Cup Company, the Dart Corporation.