Sunday, December 18, 2016

Neither Snuffy Or Jughaid Would Go To a Mall

Mary Worth
Usually the Sunday soap opera strips keep us at the same moment that the week ended. Rarely does it move us forward but even rarer does it move us back. Yesterday had us having to deal with Iris wanting something called squid ink pasta and Zak telling her to go for it. Today's strip keeps us at the moment right before she ruined the night by reminding Zak about squid ink.

Hi and Lois
Look at all the cameos in today's Hi and Lois. But that Charlie Brown looks very depressed. I feel like that should be more of a Funky Winkerbean cameo.

Rex Morgan, M.D.
You would think that stop arms come standard on every school bus. I'm wondering if he's talking about the extra long stop arms that reach out six or so feet so the sign is easier to see and read. If not and he's talking about the standard two foot stop arm, then that is very frightening.

Family Circus
I guess it's a good thing that the Keane children love dirty black sludge because that's what that snow is going to look like when Christmas does get here.

Where's Billy?

Sally Forth
That is a really good Christmas song. We should listen to it now.