Sunday, December 11, 2016

Zoe Bleak #10

Zoe and Felix found the gym where the conferences were being held. They slowly entered through the double doors and saw teachers, parents, and students tied up along the wall by vines and other kinds of plants. “This is kind of creepy,” Zoe said, looking around.

“Looks like the work of Lily,” Felix said as he pulled a jungle knife out of his yellow bag. “Wait. No. It doesn’t look like anyone is dead so Eden.”

“I’m surprised you were able to get past Dathan and Legion so quickly,” Eden said from the shadows. “It’s good to see you again, Felix,” she purred.

“Nice to see you too,” Felix began cutting people out of the vines holding them against the wall. “Why are you working with Joshua? You’re not like him.”

“He needed someone who could keep all the people out of the way. He just wants the Christchild, no one else.”

“Well, he’s not getting her,” Zoe said, using her magic to untangle vines and let people go. “How could one lapse in judgement cause so many problems?” she asked under her breath about when she was dating Joshua back in high school.

Mom, help, Zoe suddenly heard. Zoe fell to her knees and grimaced in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Felix exclaimed.

“I hear Winnie. She’s calling for help.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“It was like in my brain,” Zoe said, standing back up. “Like telepathy or something.”

“That’s weird. We need to get to her,” Felix said.

“I’ll go,” Zoe said. “You help these people. You’re not going to try to stop us, are you?” Zoe glared at Eden.

“I don’t agree with what Joshua is doing,” Eden revealed. “I agreed to delay, not harm or kill.”

“Thank you,” Zoe said and ran past Eden. Somehow she knew exactly where she was going. When she closed her eyes, she could see Winnie and Vanessa hiding from Joshua but he was getting closer with each passing second. She ran faster. I’m coming, Winnie. I’m coming.

“Felix, what’s going on?” a voice said to Felix as he was cutting down one of the teachers.

“Leah?” Felix looked over. “I’m sorry. It’s hard to explain. Here, let me get you down.”

Felix chopped the vines away from Leah and helped her down. “You can explain later. I think you are needed elsewhere,” Leah said.

“Here,” he handed Leah the jungle knife. “You can help get everyone down. I need to help Zoe and Winnie. I’ll be back.”

Leah quickly kissed Felix. “I’ll see you,” she said.

Felix ran off, following the way Zoe went. “Are you going to help get rid of the vines?” he asked Eden as he ran by her.

“Go to the Christchild. Stop Joshua,” Eden said and the vines started unraveling around the gym.

Zoe arrived in the theater room where Joshua was slowly walking through toward the abandoned stage where Zoe and Vanessa were hiding. Zoe quietly walked toward Joshua, her hands ready to do whatever it takes.

“Come to watch your daughter and girlfriend die?” he suddenly said.

“That’s not going to happen,” Zoe said, waved her hand and slammed Joshua against the wall. Using her magic, she held him there, crushing him against the wall. “Winnie. Vanessa. You can come out. I’m here,” Zoe yelled, she continued putting pressure on Joshua against the wall.

Vanessa and Winnie came out from under the stage. Felix arrived in the theater and saw what was going on. “Zoe?”

“Wait a second. I’m going to kill this bastard,” she shouted and added more pressure. Joshua was having trouble breathing and you could hear bones snap. “No one hurts my family.”