Monday, October 10, 2016

Midnight Comics

Baby Blues
When I was a kid, I accidentally spilled some juice or something down the back of the family TV and it immediately sparked and went out. My Mom was napping at the time so I just took a nap too. When Mom got up, she discovered what happened and got really upset. Seriously, I feared for my life. Don't get between my Mom and Dallas.

Dennis the Menace
Leave it to Dennis the Menace to perpetuate the myth of Columbus. But Dennis is doing some top-notch menacing here. Not only is he hailing Columbus as a hero and fun guy, he's also wondering why there weren't more white people around.

Mother Goose and Grimm
That's not how acupuncture works...

The Lockhorns
I didn't even read the text. I just saw that dog and knew I had to post this comic.

Oh, Loretta's mad at Leroy so he's going to go golfing.

The dog is better.