Sunday, October 09, 2016

Zoe Bleak #8

Zoe didn’t know where in the school she was but the emergency lights in the school had finally come on so the room she was in was illuminated in a weird blue light. “Hello?” she yelled but her voice stopped at the walls. She stood up and began walking to the door. She slowly opened it and saw the rest of the school lit up in the emergency lights. “Hello?” she yelled again.

She slowly walked down the hall, unsure which floor she was on or where in the school. “Winnie! Vanessa!” she screamed, her voice now echoing through the school but getting no reply. “Where are they? What is going on?”

“Everyone is fine. They are all still in the gym. Your...daughter is with Joshua, right now. You can all go when he is finished,” someone said from the darkness.

“Joshua? My ex-boyfriend? Finished doing what?”

“Crucifying her,” he said.

“Crucifying?” Zoe sighed and shook her head. “Never open your legs for crazy. Where are they?”

“I don’t know and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. The Christchild must be eradicated.”

“Christchild? Okay, now this is getting weird,” Zoe said. “Levitate,” she said as she waved her hand at the man.

The man levitated a few feet but then struck Zoe’s hand with a chain that he was holding and he landed back on the floor. “Joshua must not be stopped.”

“Ow, you ass. Chain here,” she said and again waved her hand around. The chain drifted toward her but the guy kept a tight grip on it.

“Your magic does not affect me, whore,” he said. “Dathan is immune to magic.”

“Explosion,” Zoe shouted and waved her hand at the wall. The wall exploded in concrete, brick, lockers, and rebar and fell on Dathan but it didn’t keep him down long.

Dathan took a step toward Zoe and whipped his chain again, wrapping around Zoe’s wrist. He pulled her down to the ground and toward him. “We were going to keep you alive but since you won’t stop this childishness, you will have to be killed as well,” Dathan said.

“Broken leg,” Zoe said quickly, moving her hand that wasn’t caught by the chain.

A loud cracking sound echoed from Dathan but he remained standing, towering over Zoe. Dathan then wrapped the chain around Zoe’s neck and began pulling. “First I will crush your windpipe, then I will break your neck, then I will take your head off,” he growled.

Unable to say anything, Zoe’s face turned bright red then to purple. She began crying as she started seeing spots and felt herself get weaker. Her hands dropped from the chain and her body began going limp. A sword then sliced through Dathan’s abdomen, the chain came loose from Zoe’s neck and she scurried away, taking in big gulps of air.

The sword went up Dathan’s body then made a ninety degree turn. Dathan went limp and lifeless as Felix stepped out of the shadows. “Are you okay?” he asked Zoe.

She coughed and rubbed her neck and throat. “Yeah, I’m good. Where’d you get that sword?” she asked him.

“From my magic bag,” he lifted his bag up so she could see it. “It has anything and everything in here. Come on, we need to find Winnette.”

“I need to know what’s going on. I’m clearly not being given the full story.”

“I’ll tell you as we walk. I was chosen by Rhona to keep an eye on Winnette when she was out of your care at school. I’m not really a teacher which is why she is doing poorly in my class because I am bad at my job,” Felix explained.

“Well, that’s good to know. Why does Winnie need protection? She just a little girl.”

“She’s the Christchild,” Felix said.

“Christchild? What is that? That guy called her that, too.”

“I’m sure you are familiar with Jesus Christ and how He’s the son of God, right? Well, the concept of Christ is an actual thing. It’s like a soul and has bouncing from one person to the next for millennia. When one Christ dies, the soul appears in another body the next instance. Following me?”

“I guess. So Winnie is Jesus?”

“No, Jesus was Jesus. Winnie is Winnie. Technically, it’d be Winnette Christ. There is usually a small faction of people who want Christ dead. If the body is killed through non-natural means, the soul cannot be transferred and Christ becomes effectively dead. It’s never happened before but they’ve gotten close with Jesus and now Winnie. It seems they only go after Christ when It does something important.”

“I know what Jesus did but what has Winnie done?”

“She’s the first female Christ.”

They continued walking and began descending the stairs to the second story. “Wait, hasn’t this Christ thing been around for millennia? Why has it taken so long for a female one?”

“Men don’t like their power threatened,” Felix said. “God wanted a female Christ long before now but was always convinced to wait. She finally decided to do it and look what happened.”

“God’s a She?”

“Most definitely. It’s why females carry the gift of life. Had She known that men would then use that gift to keep women down, She probably would change that idea.”

“Such a weird night,” Zoe sighed.

As they continued walking through the school to the gym, someone else stepped out of the shadows. “Do not come any closer,” it said. “You are not to stop what is supposed to happen.”

“Who says?” Zoe asked, taking a step toward the person.

“We do,” it said. “We are Legion.”