Monday, October 03, 2016

If You Don't Have the Money Just Say So

"I don't want happiness. I want a few bucks so that I can buy coffee. At no time did I mention that having money would make me happy. I just want coffee. Cof. Fee."

Family Circus
Don't we normally poop ourselves when we die? I guess this is just talking about an accident where Billy's body is so mangled that his clothes have to be cut off. Wait, the underwear would just go too so there is really no good reason to wear clean, hole-free underwear except for your own sense of self-satisfaction.

Hagar the Horrible
Conservative Joke:
Sounds like President Obama took some ideas from Hagar the Horrible when writing the Affordable Care Act.

Liberal Joke:
Sounds like Republicans take their health care ideas from Hagar the Horrible.