Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why Do the Babies Open Their Mouths When They Are Thinking?

Why are these nightmares not age-appropriate? So babies really dream about things like tsunamis and Mount Everest when they don't even know what they are? I guess it's possible but I doubt it.

I used to take phone calls for Medicare and there were plenty of elderly people who called just to talk to someone or occasionally just because they have a random question. It's quite sad but it's always a good feeling to be able to brighten these people's days. But they at least ask answerable questions.

Arlo & Janis
I don't have that problem because of streaming, I have that problem because of the Internet at large. I can get reviews, ratings, and synopses about any movie I want and for some reason that lessens my want to watch movies.

Hi and Lois
I always liked hanging out with girls. There was always just something about them. Unfortunately, I didn't get good at being around them until maybe about ten years ago.

Beetle Bailey
At least the training worked.

So a bird is going to order a bird for dinner which requires another to go out and shoot a bird to be the dinner.

What the hell is going on in the Shoe-niverse?