Saturday, June 04, 2016

He Was the Greatest!

I'm not a boxing fan but how could anyone not like Muhammad Ali? He made sports more than just a game--he made them entertainment. Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984 but he continued to be active will into the 2000s despite a gradual decline in health. The most inspiring moment from him, and one that still brings tears to my eyes, was his lighting the Olympic torch at the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. Even today, it's inspiring.
Rest In Peace, Champ.

Dennis the Menace
 Dennis attempts to ruin a guy's birdwatching by pointing out the different kinds of poo they produce. 7 of 10 on the menacing scale.

Family Circus

I could make a joke about the Keanes living in Colorado City, Arizona and the FLDS and Warren Jeffs and the rampant underage polygamy but I'm not.

Ugh. Why is Marvin going to rub his feces on the computer. I know it just be a generic joke about how disgusting babies and toddlers are (which they are) but this is the comic strip Marvin. It's about poop.

Funky Winkerbean
Whoever placed that ad spent a lot of money for something that a very small minority would understand.

Mallard Fillmore
I find it hard to believe that there are 700 people who care that much about this strip that they would email Tinsley and/or the syndicate about it.

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