Friday, June 17, 2016

She's So Happy It Crashed, Too

Why are these kids still in school? Aside from year-round schools, are any public schools still open in middle- to late-June?

Nancy (from 1949)
When I first glanced at this strip, I thought the dripping ice cream in the back was the dead truck driver's limp and bleeding arm. But then I was like, wait, the driver would be laying dead up front.

Hagar the Horrible
The Vikings first encountered the Inuit people in 982. Interaction was, reportedly, sparse but the interaction between the two spelled doom for the Inuits on Greenland. Here, we see Hagar leading this poor Skraeling to his death while Crazy Eddie rapes his wife, probably.

Yeah, cops have to obey the laws when pursuing criminals. Speeding down the interstate at 110 miles-per-hour? Don't worry, cops can only go the speed limit so you're fine.

Hey, kids, it's a comic strip telling you that committing suicide could be helpful to you or your friends! I wouldn't recommend listening to it.

Family Circus