Tuesday, June 07, 2016


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Jeremy's dad just totally sent his son an eggplant emoji.

The Born Loser
I have always been fascinated with Rhode Island. Rhode Island was initially founded on an island which was named Rhode Island. It is the largest island in Narragansett Bay and is the island the whole state is named for. The island was originally known by its Native Narragansett name, Aquidneck, but sometime in the 1630s, began being known as Rhode Island by Roger Williams who founded the Providence Plantation after being kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The area around Rhode Island soon became the colony of Rhode Island and then the state. The original Rhode Island is still officially Rhode Island but Aquidneck Island is used as an alternate name on maps and the USGS. The despondent look on Miss Peach's face isn't sadness about how she has failed as a teacher but how we as a society have failed in giving social studies and geography the emphasis it deserves in our public school system.

Hey! It's popular Funky Winkerbean character Les Moore before he became a depressing sad-eyed mope. I'm glad to see him but this really confuses me about the Funky/Crankshaft timeline...