Thursday, June 23, 2016

Funky Winkerbean
FYI, Funky Winkerbean has been talking about adding the letter 'E' to a name for the last four days. Tom Batiuk gets paid for this!!

When B.C. is making fun of your online tactics, then maybe it's time to restrategize.

Family Circus
*Thel comes into the house disshelved, dirty with mud and grass stains, carrying mud covered dry cleaning bags*

Bil: "Oh my God, Thel, what happened?"

Thel: "I had a close call..."

*hearing a pun, Billy jumps up and runs off to draw this cartoon*

Thel: "...A car jumped the curb nearly hitting me. Thank God, I jumped out of the way fast enough. My heart's never beat so fast."

My Cage
"Roseanne" really down after about the fourth season. The last season, despite the explanation in the series finale, is just unwatchable.

Touche, Marvin. Touche.