Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rio Grande River Is Redundant--You Should Know That


The New Adventure of Queen Victoria
I was confused about this strip but thankfully, someone in the comments pointed out that this is reference to a GoFundMe that Pab Sungenis has started to help pay his medical bills. If you would like to contribute, you can go here.

Mark Trail
For some reason, I've been following this stupid Mark-Trail-trapped-in-a-cave storyline and it seems we may be almost done. Now, I've let a lot slide in this story from Mark being able to hold his breath for several minutes underwater and his companions being able to show up exactly where Mark is quicker than Mark did but I refuse to believe that they are in a river that is, at most, only 4 miles across.

And how are they supposed to know which way is north? Does Mark have a compass? I'd say they could just use the flow but that river looks pretty still. Honestly, this comic strip is sometimes so irresponsible.

panel from Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Not even Ripley's Believe It Or Not can leave poor Pluto and his slow punk-ass alone.

Beetle Bailey
We've seen the Halftracks really go at it in this comic strip but this is the most disturbing. I can picture Martha actively making sure not to get pregnant by her husband by any means necessary. Lying about birth control, sneaking out for morning-after pills, and, worst of all, taking "vacations" to have dangerous back-alley abortions so as not to leave a paper trail. Meanwhile, Amos sits next to her, depressed that he is has no offspring and has, in his mind, failed his wife as a man for not giving her any children for her to dote on. Ha! Marriage!