Sunday, November 09, 2008

Peanuts 11/3/08-11/09/08

That's correct.  How dare The Walt Disney Company change the cemented looks of mice, ducks and funny looking dogs in order to make a bug.  I honestly don't think Tapioca would be as marketable as Mickey Mouse or Goofy.  Maybe Donald Duck.

I was never a fan of Tapioca Pudding, the fictional Peanuts character but I do like the actual pudding.  I don't know why Linus falls for these weird girls.  Linus is a nice guy but he sucks at choosing women.
Peppermint Patty has never been good at taking tests which makes me think she has some form of dyslexia.  She seems smart enough but sucks at taking tests.  Patty also has insomnia and possibly ADD so she just has a host of problems.
So Mr. Van Pelt is bad at golf.  I've often wondered what Mr. Van Pelt does for a living.  I always figured he was a doctor which would explain why Lucy is a brat and Linus is smart.
Who really thinks winking is sexy?  It's not.  People need to stop winking.  It disturbs me beyond comprehension.
Okay, well, maybe Patty is just stupid.
I think the polka dot bow tie is kind of a turn-off.  Along with the dog breath.