Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yay, Inadequacy

Hagar has been gone for several months, raping and pillaging all the villages in a 100-mile radius.  He's been eating over a campfire amidst other smelly, vomit-laden vikings.  He's been sleeping outdoors in all sorts of weather and all Hagar wants is a nice, warm home-cooked meal.  Helga knows this but she wants to go out.  Fictional wives just suck, plain and simple.

So Lynn's father isn't a complete douchebag?  I guess that's cool and all but then what's Lynn's problem?  Dead mother?  Molestation?  Maybe all she really needs is that ugly scarf.

Does Brutus pay out of pocket for his therapy sessions or is the Veeblefester Company paying for at least 50% of it.  I would think Brutus has good insurance but I don't know.

You would also think that the therapist's couch would look a bit more comfortable.