Wednesday, November 26, 2008

166: Dreaming Dead Girl

She had her whole life ahead of her.  Full scholarship to college, almost done with high school, beloved throughout the whole town.  The bus she rode in elementary school now passes by the cemetery where she now rests.  I didn't know how she died but I was intrigued by the story of this young woman cut down in what was literally the prime of her life.  She had one of the newer headstones in the old cemetery, making her plot stand out.  I saw the bus turn off the highway and down the gravel around the cemetery.  I stared at it as it drove out of sight...

...Then I woke up.  I love dreams like this although I don't really like that they never get finished.  I don't know what brought on this dream but it lasted longer than most of my other dreams even though I didn't get a definite conclusion.  I vaguely remember a name on the headstone--all I recall is all three names started with 'B'.  The town I was in was reminescent of Baldwin City, a city I lived in for six years but I know it wasn't Baldwin.

I don't know what the dream meant or if it's supposed to tell me something but I like dreams like that because they fuel my writing and that's really what I need at the moment.