Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strip Contains Adult Matter

Our greatest fear has come to fruition.  There are now two--count them two Cathys.  May God have mercy on our souls.

And of course it's during the oncoming apocalypse that you realize that you've wasted your life working in a crappy local pizza store or blogging about comic strips.

Ok, Gasoline Alley it's time to leave the "cute" wordplay to the kids over at The Family Circus.

Why are we still talking about Halloween?  This strip looks like it should've been printed either October 29th or October 30th.

Is the reason Cleaver is "the whitest name" you've ever heard because of it's association with the Cleavers from TV's "Leave It to Beaver"?  What about former Kansas City, Missouri mayor and current Missouri Representative Emanual Cleaver?

Black Dilton Doiley needs to do his research.

This is as close to nudity as I ever want to come in a Born Loser strip.  Curse you, Chip.  CURSE YOU!!