Tuesday, November 25, 2008

165: End Road

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I am not happy about how End Road came out.  I do not like half the story because no matter what I wrote or rewrote, nothing seemed to quite work out.  The chose this story out of the six I came up with first because I felt it was going to be the easiest.  After spending the better part of a month trying to write something good, I ended up writing this.  It's okay, it does what I had intended it to do but I know I could've done it better.

The next stories I'm gonna try to get out--all in the month of December--are Landsman, where we learn that the world is flat and what people will go through to keep the conspiracy quiet; Abandoned, Texas, a young man returns to his hometown five years after a hurricane wiped it off the map to retrieve his sister's body; The Kings of Framingham, a high school reunion brings friends back together and all the high school drama that goes with it; Seven which is a story that I wish someone would explain to me--it's getting complicated; and I have an untitled 9/11 story planned but I don't know if I will publish that one.  I may, but it doesn't really focus on 9/11 that much.

Here's hoping December is a writing-filling month.  November kind of wasn't...