Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden Comics Digest #19

I can't remember when or how I acquired these Golden digests.  I'm thinking at a library sale but I don't know.  I have several of them, mainly featuring Marge's Little Lulu but I also have ones that feature Bugs Bunny and Disney characters.  I find the Little Lulu ones to be the best because some of the stories are just wrong.  For some reason there's a lot of images of Tubby and Iggy walking around nude and lots of chauvinism from Tubby despite knowing that Lulu is the only girl who will ever pay him any attention.All the stories are very innocent though even though Lulu likes to tell stories about witches cooking and eating little children.  The first story in this digest shows Lulu and Tubby going to the carnival and Lulu only has enough money for three tickets while Tubby has a
 whole bunch.  Lulu wants to ride the tunnel of love three times.  Tubby soon has his tickets eaten by a nearby camel and then
starts freaking out, running around bawling and annoying the adults (which is very easy in these Little Lulu tales).  Tubby goes through death-defying feats while trying to escape the carnival and ironically ends up with Lulu at the Tunnel of Love.  The next stories is pretty self-explanatory as Lulu and Annie put on their blackface to insult an entire race at a party Wilbur is throwing.  One of my favorite stories in the book is where Tubby doesn't want to practice the violin and fakes getting a rash by painting red spots on his face.  His mother doesn't believe him of course so Tubby paints more spots on him but accidentally paints spots on his hat which makes his mother mad who sends him to the bath.  Which Tubby hates more.

The most disturbing story is one where Lulu comes home from yet another racially charged afternoon and her mother orders her to take a bath--while she goes out!!  Yes, leave your little girl alone in the house while she's taking a bath.  Great idea.  Anyway, while Lulu is naked and alone in the bath the phone rings and soon Lulu is on an expedition to find her mother.  All while wrapped in a towel.  Soon a little dog runs away with Lulu's towel so she covers herself with a scarecrow's rags, making herself dirty again.  When 
she finds her mother, her mother is shocked to see her daughter like that but Lulu thinks her mother didn't recognize her so what does she do?  Get herself put in the dog pound of course.