Thursday, November 13, 2008

162: City of the Dead

Jack and Sonya drove down the desolate highway. The huge Toyota rumbled down the broken pavement. It was the only vehicle on the road for probably two hundred miles. Jack was sure where he was going, he just knew he was heading west. Sonya was napping with her seat back. Jack watched her breasts rise up and down. Jack could take care of himself but Sonya needed protection. All women did.

I wrote this story (there's more to it but it was one of the ones involved in The Burning) back in 1999 and it's not very well named because I called it "City of the Dead" even though it mainly takes place on a highway in a desert. In the story, the reader never learns what happened but women are dying off by the hundreds and most cannot handle the act of sex to keep reproducing so essentially the human race is slowly dying off.

I had planned for "City of the Dead" to be a three-part story but after I finished the first part I was really disappointed with the outcome so my six-part "The Final Day" story became the only end-of-the-world story I've written. I'm hoping to write another but I'm thinking of rewriting "The Final Day" because that was a really good story although it took place in a universe I created and used between 1992 and 2000 and that universe has been dismantled. We'll see.