Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Born Loser Readers Should Drink A Lot Too

The Keane adults are not registered because even the most conservative of politicians can not match the Keane's God-fearing, God-obeying, Jeffy sacrificing ways.  No matter who wins, the country will be aflame and the Keanes will just watch from their Kompound in Arizona and wait for the Second Coming.

Most.  Cliched.  Line.  Ever.  Today's Mary Worth wins some kind of an award for that line "...Barring any injuries...to my body, for my heart...It's too late."  Congratulations, Mary Worth.

Apparently the city Heathcliff lives in has some sort of Midnight Madness at the Polling Station.  That's the only explanation I could think of as to why the Nutmegs are going to vote when the moon is that high in the sky.

I'm not sure if this is a insult to Army career training or an insult to Beetle's intelligence.  Or both.

Here's a better idea:  why don't smokers just stop smoking for their health?