Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kansas Changes Vanity Plate Law--Wichitans Confused and Irritable

Kansas Limits Vanity Tag to One Owner

While I don't really care about what Kansas is doing with their vanity plates, I feel that limiting vanity plates reading "Gitrdun" and "Redneck" will only do the state of Kansas good. I do feel bad about the guy who's losing the vanity plate he's had since the 1970s but this is when the person who now has the rights to it to see the article and offer to give it back or come to some agreement. What really angers me are the comments in the article posted by the readers of the article.

They complain that Kansas shouldn't have given out multiple tags anyway. I am not sure when Kansas implemented the vanity plates but people do realize that back in the '50s, '60s and '70s computers weren't so prevalent and copying a list of used vanity plates for the other 104 counties in the state would be very time-consuming, a waste of money and ineffective. Another person calls Kansans ignorant and that he couldn't imagine the same thing happening in California (the same plate in every county!). First of all, California has only 58 counties compared to Kansas' 105. Second, California has bigger problems than their license plates right now.

To me it just seemed like the Wichitans who commented on the story were very angry for one reason or another and the reason was stupid. I think it's just because they live in Wichita--Kansas' butt crack.