Friday, January 08, 2010

Editorial Comics Review (1/8/10)

Only one cartoon today because all of them were either talking about how terror-filled the 2000s were, the health care debacle and talking about the Christmas Day bomber from Yemen. The 2000s are over, get over it. The reason it was so terror-filled is because 1)we got atttacked, 2)some one tried to light their shoe and 3)we kept being reminded of all of the terror incidents by our illustrious Republican administration.

by Jeff Stahler 1/8/10
I don't fear Yemen. I never feared the U.S.S.R. or East Germany. And China? Not even a blip on my radar. I wasn't alive for the bulk of the Cold War and I know how close to war we were with Russia during the Bay of Pigs thing but why do we have to fear the entire country when it's only a small percentage hate us? Yes, let's stereotype an entire people because of the motives of the few.