Friday, January 22, 2010

#209: Unemployed and Crazy

I am slowly going crazy.

I have been unemployed for several months and it is really starting to wear on me. It's making me angry and irritable over just simple stuff. And sadly, knowing this is just making me more angry and irritable.

I've applied for every job that I know I would be qualified for within a decent distance. Sadly, the way the economy is going, everyone else is applying for them also so the competition is fierce. Even crap jobs at Walmart and McDonald's haven't panned out. The thing is, is that I am not blaming Obama or Bush for not fixing our economy or for breaking it. I am blaming my city commissioners for being so unkind to businesses. Our commissioners place idiotic restrictions on businesses in order to locate here. If my sources are correct, we were originally in the running for a Walmart Distribution Center, American Eagle Distribution Center and a Target Distribution Center, none of these we actually got. Walmart and American Eagle went to Ottawa and Target went to Topeka. We have a KMart Distribution Center. Yay, KMart! We were also apparently going to have a Cracker Barrel but they wanted to put up a sign that could be seen from I-70 and the city said no so Cracker Barrel said "kiss our ass then" and pulled out.

However, our commissioners did approve the construction of a huge hotel in an historic district of the city. While I am not against the building of this hotel, I am wondering just why the city thinks we need it. We're a town of 80,000 wedged between Topeka and Kansas City Sprawl. We have 4 really nice hotels right now (including the infamous Eldridge) and several small and dinky ones. The only difference the new hotel has is that it is right next door to the University of Kansas. Specifically Memorial Stadium. I do believe the hotel was pushed through by KU and developers so visitors to KU could be close to campus. And we all know that's the important thing.

There are a couple jobs I know I will get but they don't start until late February or March and I kind of need money now. Stuff still costs money for some reason. I wish the barter system would make a comeback. I do think next week I will buckle down and maybe walk along downtown looking for Help Wanted signs and maybe reapply with a few places because I am sick of not working. I don't know how people who choose to be without jobs do it. I hate feeling like I'm not contributing.

Until next time, I remain...