Saturday, January 16, 2010

POtW: Four Schoolhouses

I am not a photographer nor do I ever make the claim that I am. I just like to take pictures of interesting things involving history or things that may not be around much longer. And it's because I take limited pictures of things and places is why I have to decided to reduce POtW's frequency. Instead of every week, it will now be whenever I have a picture worth sharing. I'm hoping as everything thaws out that I am able to get out and get more pictures and maybe return POtW to a weekly thing but for now it will become a occasional feature. For this week, I have selected four pictures of one-room schoolhouses that dot the Kansas landscape fairly routinely. Click on the image to enlarge. Going clockwise from the top left: Oak Grove School is located along the Scenic River Road in northern Douglas and central Shawnee County at N.E. 2nd Street and Shadden Road.The schoolhouse, built in 1871, is the oldest schoolhouse still standing in Shawnee County and is occasionally called the Kriepe School after a family that was prominent in the area. The school is currently not used. Dean School is located in northwest Franklin at Shawnee Terrace and Arkansas Road and was named for an early family in the area. This Dean School was built in 1913 replacing an older structure. Next to the school is the Dean Cemetery and the school is currently used as a residence but has been abandoned for several years. Emery Green School is also located in Franklin County near the intersection of K-68 and Ohio Terrace. It was closed in 1958 and remains abandoned. The last school is the Silkville School in Franklin County located at Douglas Road and Arkansas Road near Old Highway 50. Silkville was an experimental French commune founded by Ernest de Boissiere that produced silk. The colony was actually successful until de Boissiere left Silkville in the 1880s. The school remains abandoned but well-kept.