Friday, January 22, 2010

Editorial Comics Review (1/22/10)

by Marshall Ramsey 1/21/10

I think Democrats would be more popular right now if instead of trying to work out a way for everyone to be happy, they just got stuff done. Say what you will about them but when Republicans are in power, they get crap done--popular and unpopular, they get it done and they don't look back. Democrats need to do that or they will lose in 2012.

by Matt Bors 1/18/10

This made me chuckle because that sounds exactly like something the military would do. I had a friend who was in the military years upon years ago (before he had come out of the closet) and he was dishonorably discharged because he happened to be near a gay pride parade. He wasn't watching it, he wasn't participating in it, he was near it. I think he was in the military before DADT but it really shows that nothing has really changed.

by Jeff Stahler 1/16/10

I will admit that I haven't donated any money to go to Haiti and I honestly don't plan to. Our country as a whole is sending money and I pay my taxes so I feel that that is my donation. It may sound mean and crass but it's true. I get so tired of America being the hero of any and every country that needs help. The United State is sending $100 million in aid to Haiti while the United Kingdom is only sending $32 million--not even half of what we send. Why do we do this when others countries don't even come close to matching us. We have problems over here that could use that $100 million.

by Rob Rogers 1/17/10

Jay Leno is a dick. He should've just sat back and waited the two years to see how Conan did and did monthly comedy specials but apparently there was something in his contract about being able to be a huge dick so he went ahead and did that.

Obama's approval rating, right now, is only at 56% so more than half of the people in this country still approve of what he's doing. Granted, it's slipping but no president would ever step down just because they are unpopular (George W. Bush got as low at 25% and he showed no signs of quitting). Also, I don't think Leno is as popular as this cartoon hints, nor is he qualified.

by Signe Wilkenson 1/22/10

The Supreme Court, in their infinite waning wisdom, voted 5-4 that corporations can donate unlimited amounts of money to the election candidate of their choice meaning that if AIG wants candidate Kieron Legosmith to be president, then AIG can give Legosmith billions of dollar to make the dream he's had since four months ago come true. The Supreme Court actually said that corporations deserve the same free speech given to citizens. And of course, Republicans celebrated, saying it was a victory for voter's rights while Democrats jeered that it was just a win for Big Money.

I'm not surprised anymore by the big stuff Republicans do like lie ("There's was no attack on American soil while George W. Bush was in charge") but it's the little things like this that make me wonder why there are still so many Republicans out there. It's obvious they are hurting our country but no one wants to stop them. Most of the Republicans I know are very religious but I know that there are Republicans who are like me and are in their mid to late 20s. Why are they Republican? I really want to know.

by Chris Britt 1/19/10
Yeah, Haiti made a deal with the devil which is why the earthquake happened. I just hope that Satan keeps all of his promises and lets the Haitians go blind by Christmas.

Rush Limbaugh is a huge jerk so nothing he says really surprises me but Pat Robertson, a man of God and religion, continues to say stupid and baffling stuff. Does he think about what he's saying before he says it? He's stopped being a man of God years ago and is now emerging as a racist preacher.