Thursday, January 28, 2010

Delaware Affections #1.8

Randall Point was a quarter mile strip of land that jutted out into the ocean. The strip of land was wide enough for a road that circled around a lighthouse. On the northside of the road were odd-looking beach houses that were built in the 1960s.

Randall Point was developed by James V. Randall in the 1950s when he spent millions renovating the lighthouse and reinforcing the strip of land. Then, in 1962, he began building the beach houses which everyone was sure would be destroyed in the first hurricane. Forty years later, they still stood.

Laurie arrived at one of the houses and knocked on the door. A guy she didn't know answered and looked at her suspiciously. After an awkward moment of silence, Laurie pulled out her invitation and showed it to the guy.

He then eyed the invitation suspiciously but soon stepped aside and let her in. "Gotta keep out the 'untouchables'," he chuckled.

Laurie went over to a corner of the front room and somehow a bottle of beer wound up in her hand. A girl walked up to her and pointed at her.

"You go to Wrigley High don't you?" the girl asked.

Laurie nodded. "Yeah. I'm a senior," Laurie put her beer in her other hand and extended her right hand to the girl. "I'm Laurie Earles."

The girl looked at Laurie and chuckled uneasily. "I'm Jane. I think we have a class together. I'm a sophomore though."

"You do look familiar," Laurie said. "Not very many people here," Laurie said as she looked around the room.

"Most people are in the bedrooms or the basement," Jane said. You want to join them?" she smiled slyly.

"I actually would like to find Chris--show him that I'm here. He invited me," Laurie said.

"I think he's in the basement. Let's go," Jane took Laurie's arm and pulled her with her.

Rodney and Cassandra were sitting at the kitchen table in the Barton house. Rodney tapped his pencil on the table a couple of times and looked at Cassandra. "So what topic are we going to do?"

"I don't know. Which one sounds good to you?" Cassandra redirected.

Rodney looked at both of the topics they had narrowed it down to. He read them both over and over again until sighing loudly. "What do you want to do?" he asked suddenly. "Like, after college. Not about this assignment."

"After college? That's quite a way's away," Cassandra said. "I have some ideas but I really don't know."

"Thank you! I don't know what to do either so Cat is on me about finding some direction in my life. Every time we're together we talk about the future. She has everything all detailed and planned out," Rodney complained. "It sickens me."

"So she knows what she's going to do after high school and after college?" she asked.

"Norrell University in Boston. She wants to be an architect," Rodney said.

"An architect?" Cassandra was stunned. "I'm kind of impressed now. How about you? Do you even have a fraction of your future figured out?"

Rodney paused. He smiled and leaned back in his chair. "I know I want to get married..."

"The Party"
Jane led Laurie into the basement where Chris and a couple of his friends were drinking while watching two girls dance around topless, wearing only underwear. A soft moaning was coming from behind a wall. Laurie began getting nervous and finished her beer.

Chris noticed Laurie and pushed past the two dancing girls, smiling at Laurie and Jane. "Laurie, right? I'm so glad you were able to come. Are you having a good time?" Chris asked.

"I just got here but the walk from the front room to the basement was very exciting," Laurie said.

"Well I am glad Jane brought you down here. We have a secret stash down here of our own liquor so, please, help yourself," Chris invited.

The two girls stopped dancing and put their bras on and then flopped down on a couch. One of the guys brought over two plastic cups filled with alcohol.

"Here you go, miladies," the guy said as Laurie and Jane took the drinks.

Both Laurie and Jane took a sip. Laurie coughed and immediately got warm as she swallowed. "Wow," she coughed. "What's in this?"

"A lot of stuff," Chris chuckled. "But it's good isn't it?" Chris smiled and looked in Laurie's eyes.

"It is. Very good," she said sweetly.

"Drink as much as you want. We have plenty."

"All right, you asked for it," Rodney said as he opened his bedroom door. "Here is my bedroom."

Cassandra looked around at all of Rodney's books and was amazed at all he had. She looked at all the knick-knack stuff that sat on his desk. She picked up a superhero figurine and held it up to Rodney.

"Action figures?"

"Hey, you got the name right," Rodney said. "I don't collect them but I have a few favorite heroes that I like."

"And I see that you like to read," she pointed at all of his books and went over to his wall of shelves.

"I do. But really, who doesn't?" Rodney chuckled.

"You should be an editor," Cassandra said. "You'd get to read a multitude of books months before anyone else. Plus, you'd help those authors perfect their books."

"That sounds really interesting but I don't think I could do it. This may come as a shock but I am not very observant," Rodney said.

"That's something you could teach yourself. You just need to pay attention," Cassandra said. They stood quietly for awhile and both awkwardly shifted between feet. "Can I ask a personal question?"

Rodney shrugged. "I guess."

"What happened to your mom?"

"She died. I don't like to talk about it," Rodney answered.

"Fair enough. We should probably get back to writing our topic," Cassandra said. She headed out the door but Rodney grabbed her shoulder. "What?"

Rodney then kissed her. It was just a quick kiss but it still made Cassandra pause. "Now we can go back to work."

"What about Cat?" Cassandra asked.

"Let's finish our paper."

Laurie was sitting on a counter with her shirt off and was giggling as Chris kissed her around her neck and chest. With almost every kiss, Laurie giggled like an idiot. She had obviously had a lot to drink and Chris was taking full advantage of the situation.

Suddenly, Laurie's cell phone rang and she drunkingly fished it out of her pocket and answered it. "Hello?"

"Laurie. It's Ralph. I was just calling and seeing how the party is going," Ralph said.

"It's going great," Laurie giggled.

"Hang up and let's get you out of those pants," Chris said and began unbuttoning her jeans.

"It's my friend, Ralph."

Chris grabbed the phone from Laurie, "Ralph? Chris. Laurie is a little busy right now. I'll make sure she calls you tomorrow," and Chris hung up and turned off the phone.

Ralph paused and looked at his phone. "Hey, Mom? Can I borrow the car for a minute?"

Ralph drove to Randall Point and pulled into the driveway of the house he was sure had the party. He walked up to the door and knocked. The same guy answered the door and Ralph pushed his way in.

"Hey! Where's your invitation?" he asked.

"I lost it," Ralph said as he looked around the front room. He saw Jane sitting on the couch and went over to her. "Excuse me but have you seen Laurie Earles?"

"She's downstairs with Chris. It's her turn," Jane answered.

Ralph ran downstairs and found Laurie, nearly naked and Chris in his underwear climbing on top of her. "Get off of her!" Ralph shouted.

Chris launched off of Laurie and looked at Ralph. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking Laurie home," Ralph picked up Laurie's clothes and phone and proceeded to pick up Laurie, hoisting her over his shoulder.

Chris protested but Ralph didn't listen. As Ralph placed Laurie in his car she began complaining. "What are you doing? I had everything under control."

"I'm sure you did. I'm gonna take you home and get you into bed," Ralph got in the car. "You will thank me tomorrow."

Becky climbed out of the bushes with her clothes askew. She hobbled over to a police officer parked on the side of the road. "Officer, please help me!" she croaked. "I was attacked. He raped me."

"Do you know who did it?" the officer asked as he helped Becky into his car.

"I think it was Rodney Barton," she said.

Rodney is questioned; Laurie thanks Ralph and Cat and Rodney break up.