Friday, January 15, 2010

Editorial Comics Review (1/15/10)

More editorial cartoons in no particular order.

by Matt Bors 1/11/10

Yep. If whites were profiled the same way we profile Muslims and Arabs then you can be damn sure there would be lawsuits out the wazoo. My thought is that if we're going to search people who look suspicious then we should just go ahead and search everyone. No profiling, no keeping an eye out for crazy-looking Muslims. Send everyone through the metal detectors, people who beep get pulled to the side and searched. If they continue to beep and they still don't have an excuse then it's time for a strip search.

by Marshall Ramsey 1/9/10

We get it, it's cold so there is no way in hell that climate change exists. We cut down on pollution and our carbon emissions, who could that hurt? If the people making fun of Al Gore and other like-minded people would use that energy to make everything cleaner and greener then we'd be halfway done with replacing our biggest polluters.

by Jerry Holbert 1/14/10

I did some research on our old Republican candidate Scott Brown and, despite being Republican, he seems like a decent guy who hasn't been swayed by the Republican factor yet and here's hoping he doesn't succumb. I typically vote for the person who seems more legitimate to me so if I lived in Massachusetts, it'd be a hard decision for me. What you have to remember is that Kennedy was able to hold onto that seat since 1960 despite Chappaquiddick, boozing and other stuff the Kennedy's are known for which means that Brown better be a pretty liberal Republican or he's going to lose his seat in the next election. While researching, I learned that Brown sees things the same way I do, albeit differently. The only thing we differ on is gay marriage but he has said that that is something the states should decide on their, which I do agree with.

I hope Brown, who posed semi-nude in "Cosmopolitan" magazine in 1982, keeps his ideals and doesn't suddenly change if he's elected. He has a chance to keep Ted Kennedy's legacy of wanting to help the people of Massachusetts alive and I hope he doesn't screw it up.

by Henry Payne 1/10/10

Another Al Gore cartoon. Or as I see it, a very overweight Prince Charles.

by Bruce Beattie 1/15/10

Fox News has said that except for very few hours during it's day, Fox News is actually not news. It's opinion and entertainment--which are not news. Adding Palin to their "news"casts (which took them long enough), will not suddenly make Fox News start doing real news. As for the credibility, Fox News' only semblance of credibility comes from like-minded individuals who want to cry with Glenn Beck or get angry with Bill O'Reilly.