Thursday, July 30, 2009

#200: What About Brian? Year Four

I've been doing this Internet-thingy since June of 2006 now and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to stop any time soon. As long as I have five minutes in my day, I'll be posting something in a blog. I start posting my blog on MySpace and I enjoyed doing it but it got too juvenile. I thus deleted my blog and moved to LiveJournal which only lasted about a year or so before I began blogging here.

So I am entering my fourth year. 2006 was a turning point for me. 2006 was one of the worst years I have ever had for a few reasons but I persevered and I am stronger for it and as 2009, which was a decent year except for a couple of things, comes to an end I look forward to what 2010 has to offer.

I will be getting married in October and that will be something new that I will have to deal with at first but I think living with Audrey for the last (almost) year has kind of softened the blow getting married would've have made. I am incredibly looking forward to introducing her as my wife though. Meeting Audrey came after being deeply hurt by another girl I had made plans on marrying. I'm glad that didn't come to fruition because Lord only knows where we would all be by now. I know me and the other woman would have a child by now, though so I'm sort of glad I dodged that bullet. Unfortunately I do think she would be cheating on me sort of like she did when we were together.

One of the major things I'm going to try to do (job status pending) is get my short stories written along with Wilbur and Kolak and 87 so I can start submitting those to publishers. I am about halfway done with Wilbur and Kolak but have only scraped the surface of the research needed for 87 but I'll get it done. Someday. It's the short stories that upset me because I want to write because there's no way that I can expand them into a book and a feel like I need to write them because I like short stories and want to publish a short story collection after I get my final book published but for some reason I just can't force myself to write them as easily. I write everything out long hand in pencil in a notebook and then convert to Microsoft Word before online publishing it. I know that seems like kind of a weird way to do it but this way I can do some minor editing before trying to send if off somewhere.

When I wrote my novel, Harter Union, I wrote it out long hand, edited it, rewrote, edited it again and while I was typing it, did more editing. That's just the way I write I guess and I part of me hopes it doesn't change because I do like the feel of the pencil as it glides across the paper. Plus, it gives me a chance to show off the original version and show just how much was taken out and added.

And so, after 200 entries under "The Point of Beginning", I am going on hiatus. I don't know when POB will be back but I'm sure it will be. It's been around since 2006 and I don't quit that easily. "Losers Are Made, Not Born" will still be around, "Stull Chronicles" should have another entry in the near future, the Story Series returns in September and I am still looking for people who want to create new features for Watch This Space.

Until next time, I remain...