Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delaware Affections #1.2

Wrigley High School was a massive high school built on the southeastern part of the city overlooking the highway and the beach. The high school was bigger than the town needed but it was built ready for growth. The school was helmed by Principal Allan Kenstroke. Kenstroke had been an educator for 17 years and principal of this school for three years.

Principal Kenstroke stood in the doorway, watching the students come in. He spotted Rodney Barton heading in and grabbed him by the shoulder. "Come with me, please."

Rodney sat in Principal Kenstroke's office. They stared at each other for nearly a minute until Rodney finally spoke. "Why did you drag me in here?"

"I read your transcript from your last school."

"Those things really exist?" Rodney jokingly laughed.

"You have a problem with authority, a control problem and possible anger issues. I hope none of that comes out while you are at my school," Principal Kenstroke said.

"I think it's really nice that you drag me in here, single me out and treat me like I'm different," Rodney said. "Did they teach ya that in principal school?"

Principal Kenstroke smiled and lowered his head. "Mr. Barton. Rodney..."

"Mr. Barton."

Principal Kenstroke glared. "You got away with doing that stuff at your old school," he placed a hand on Rodney's file on his desk. "You will not here at Wrigley."

The two glared angrily at each other.

Holly's first class was a health class with Mrs. Litteer. Class hadn't started yet and the students were trickling in. Holly was watching them all come in. A guy came in wearing a sports shirt and shorts. He was talking to another guy who was slightly taller. Suddenly, the guy pulled down the front of his shorts and pulled out his penis.

Holly's eyes grew wide and she blushed but she did not look away as he pulled at it then readjusted it and fixed his shorts. He sat a couple seats behind Holly in a different row. Mrs. Litteer came into the classroom and sat behind her desk then the bell rang. Holly smiled as she began to think about what she could do with that boy's penis.

"First Day of School"
Mitch arrived at his office to find it unlocked with a group of people sitting in the waiting room and a woman sitting behind a desk.

"What's going on here?" he asked.

"They're waiting for the doctor, duh!" the woman said.

"All right. How'd they--and you--get in here?" Mitch asked.

"I have a key," she showed him.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Stella--the assistant."

"Assistant? What assistant?"

"I was the previous doctor's assistant too. It was my job for the last six years," Stella explained.

"That's really nice but I don't need an assistant," Mitch said.

"I was hired by the mayor," Stella revealed.

"Oh, I see," Mitch looked at the patients in the waiting room. "And what are all of you doing here? I don't open for another twenty minutes."

"Mayor Floresch wants you to open at eight," Stella said.

"No. I open at 9:30. I always open at 9:30!" Mitch demanded. "Hold on a sec," Mitch huffed and went to his office and grabbed the phone and dialed.

"Mayor Floresch's office," answered the secretary.

"This is Dr. Barton and I want to speak to Mayor Floresch!"

"Just a moment," and the line went silent.

"Dr. Barton, how's your first day at work?" Mayor Floresch asked.

"Well, I have a waiting room full of people and an assistant," Mitch said.

"Patients already? That's good," Mayor Floresch said. "How's Stella doing? She's one of the best!"

"I don't want an assistant! Also, I don't open until 9:30!"

"No," Mayor Floresch began, "you open at eight. That office always opens at eight."

"Not anymore. And again, I don't need an assistant so I'm going to let Stella go. I'll pay her for the hour and a half she will work but that's all."

"Stella stays," Mayor Floresch said.

"Why?" Mitch demanded. "I don't need her! It's a waste of money!"

"Stella...stays..." she said again.

Mitch sighed exasperatingly. "Fine. But I open at 9:30, got it?" and he hung up. Mitch paced his office a couple of times then went back out to the waiting room. He began counting and pointing to the people sitting down. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8. If anyone else shows up, we are closed until 9:30!" and Mitch locked the door. "Number one!" he shouted.

Rodney seemed attached to Cat's hip just about all morning. It was their final class before lunch and Rodney and Cat were sitting in the back corner of the classroom along with Ralph. The class was a current events class and the teacher, Mr. Helms, didn't seem to notice or care that they were talking and chuckling in the back when they should've been researching newspaper headlines.

"So I thought we could go to the beach. We could have a picnic or something. I've never been to a beach--Well, not a good beach. I've been to the beach along Lake Erie," Rodney said.

"Well, I was thinking," Cat began, "that since you have all that planned anyway, we could go see a movie then all meet up at the Replay."

Rodney contemplated that idea. "Wrigley has a movie theatre?"

"It just has two screens. It was built in 1912 or something like that," Ralph said.

"Mr. History over there is right," Cat said. "It does have only two screens. One usually plays a family movie and the other a good movie."

"Except for that one time they showed Failure to Launch," Ralph noted.

"Okay, I'm convinced. Movie and then the Replay," Rodney said.

Across the room, sitting in the front, Cassandra Jurgens turned behind her to her friend Jodie Malene but glanced at Rodney as she did.

"Hey. Who's the new guy?" she asked Jodie.

"I think his name is Rodney or something."

"Not that bad. I need to get him away from Cat though," Cassandra schemed.

Jodie looked back to Cat and Rodney, sighed and shook her head. "Why? Just go over and talk to him. I swear, why do high school girls like you always have to scheme to get the guy? Just talk to him!" Jodie said.

"But if I did that, my storyline would be over..." Cassandra smiled.

At lunch, Holly was sitting with Becky, Ali and Erin. They were telling each other of their day so far until Holly spotted the guy from health class.

"Hey, hey! Who is he? Who is that guy?" she pointed at the guy.

They all turned around to look but Erin answered. "Adam Parker."

"Why?" asked Ali.

Holly leaned in close, "Because in health class today, I saw his dick," she said.

"What? Are you serious? You are so lucky!" Becky gushed.

"What did it look like? I bet it was big," Erin guessed.

Holly curled her forefinger onto the tip of her thumb and smiled wide, showing her teeth. "Other than this, it looks like a normal...thing."

"Wow! You are kind of like a god to me now," Ali said. "What did you think when you saw it?"

"I think...I wanted to touch it..." Holly blushed.

"Holly, you tramp," Becky said.

"You should go for it. I've heard Adam will do it with just about anyone," Erin said.

"Yeah, that would make it all the more special," Holly said. "I don't know. I don't know if my first time should be with someone like Adam Parker. Kind of seems like that'd be rushing it."

"It's better to just get it over with. I lost my virginity three years ago and never looked back," Erin revealed. "What about you two? Are you also glad you lost it early?"

Becky and Ali looked at each other. "We're still virgins..." Becky revealed.

"But that summer, we made a pact..."

Rodney and Cat had gotten their seats at the theatre. "I'm gonna go get an Icee. Do you want anything?" he asked her.

"Just a small Icee, please," she responded.

Rodney got up and went back to the lobby and got in line. Cassandra and her older sister Linda got in line right behind him. "Hi, Rodney," Cassandra said, sweetly. "What movie are you seeing?"

Rodney turned around, confused, and looked at Cassandra. "Uh, not the one with Renee Zellweger," he chuckled.

"Me neither. Are you here with someone or...?" she asked.

"I'm with Cat Kessler," he answered. "And you are?"

Cassandra seemed slightly taken aback that he didn't know her. "Cassandra Jurgens. We have Current Events together."

"Oh yeah. I remember you now," Rodney said.

"Are you and Cat dating exclusively or is this just a school thing?" Cassandra asked.

"We haven't talked about it but I think this is just a school thing at the moment."

"Well then, would you want to try having a school thing with me later this week?" Cassandra asked bluntly.

Rodney laughed. "Why don't we see how it goes with Cat first and I'll get back to you," he said.

"Okay. Enjoy the movie, Rodney." Cassandra and Linda stepped out of the line.

"There! Happy now?" Linda suddenly spoke. "Can we go sit down now? Our movie's about to start."

"Okay, okay. I've done what I came to do," Cassandra said.

Rodney and Cat begin dating; Holly catches the eye of Adam; a man dies in Mitch's waiting room and Laurie comes to Ralph for help.